Monday, 3 October 2016

I feel, 
to have a feeling,
Just now in this very moment
I have already felt everything
that I am ever going to feel
in my ending days.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Dead Strangers

It rained that day! I don't recollect the exact thought came to my mind while I was lying on a random bed in a random flat in Sukseria building. All I can remember is that it rained that day!! It's weird to remember a day just because of the usual rain and no such great memory attached to it. But the picture of a dark creamy-rusty wall and rectangular shape of the drizzling rain in the door frame of that wall. The building looked pretty much bored like her age. But lying there wasn't boring. After all, I am lying to myself after I dunno but many months. I could see a wall peeling that was about to fall on my face anytime.

Friday, 22 July 2016

I know a man who is out there. Who was always there since the beginning. He looks like me, dresses like me, talks like me, even he thinks like me, but he who pours his prayers into oblivion, sitting on a mountain. A mountain made up of the ashes of TIME. Ashes of this very minute and of all those things which have lost their fraction of existence during this very minute. He is always writing all that. Maybe a never ending poem or a never ending prayer? He is randomly touching all the empty names of his reality one by one.
          But I wish he should die & lose his immortality just like that. So, his death would become the entire essence of his poetry!