Friday, 13 June 2014

Madbeth : Mad as a march hare

I don't remember the actual reason for which I have booked ticket's for Madbeth. Never been to Physical theater act before, Haven't had a clue either! Maybe I went to the show just cause, Rupesh invited me. But now I am happy he did that.
              Madbeth is a mental mini orchestra of strangers which starts with an actor and audience and ends up without an audience at all!!! All credit goes to Rupesh.  From the moment one, Madbeth took command of the theater and extended his realm by making the audience to express to every death and every spit he could spare. He dances, he sings, he fights, and he kills, saying it's all about death after all! But I particularly liked his chair scene. I think it symbolizes the extent of the power which consumes macbeth, making him not to leave it at any cost given. It absorbs him, cripples him, but still, he allows himself to dance like a cripple!! Another thing I liked a lot is, how he responds to every sneeze, out of time suppressed giggle and comments by individual's in the audience and modify his act accordingly.
                But there is so much than that. So many small details that one could only experience by watching it live. People, keep an eye on him, 'how he dances with the death in an erratic ballet' #Mcdeath #Mcburger #Mcalootikki

डोह- A film by Akshay Indikar (Short Review)

I woke up.
I shat.
I had tea,
while I smoked.
But did I exist?
            Somewhat this kind of similar question was slammed on my face while watching 'DOH.' It's really very satisfying that somebody is asking this question and underlining it with making a film. It forces to ask oneself that, can you able to listen to your subtle flute tunes out of your 'hard techno trance'kinda edgy life? The film relates & it pokes viewer's idea of conscientiousness about his/her existence.
This whole film is about the linear story of the genuine naivety of perplexed protagonist's first ever intimate physical love experience. This naivety of hers travels erratically with many breaks due to daily life humdrum. She has been treated like a partner in crime, so forcefully hidden in the bathroom and then thrown out, but eventually, she finds her 'TRUE LOVE' in the edited version of intimate fantasies in her bathroom and then in a phone call!!!! I found this sad and sarcastic but very real.
           Well, the film becomes a multi-angular coherent art when considered with the angle of feminism. The female view goes with the fragile deconstruction of her intimate experience (beginning scene and second bathroom scene), while male view goes with the immense dominant ignorance, is wondersome. The correspondence of patriarchy ow whatever, the male view is also accepted by her!! (I remembered Q's 'love in India') Another round of applause for our society which keeps and will keep parading in circles.
           I loved the subject of the film. Film's cinematography and sound designing are interestingly good, so does the acting. (especially the first bathroom mirror scene.)

My wishes and good luck for upcoming project

Thursday, 5 June 2014

लूप्स आणि ल्युब्रिकन्टस

निरपराध माणसं मारणार्‍यांनी,
त्याला खुलं समर्थन करणार्‍यांनी,
केवळ मनातल्या मनात खुष होणार्‍यांनी,
चुकीचं वाटूनही सुप्त आनंद झालेल्यांनी

निरपराध माणसं मारावीत.
त्याला खुलं समर्थन करावं.
मनातल्या मनात खूष व्हावं.
चुकीचं वाटलं तरी सुप्त आनंद घ्यावा.

तरीही कमी पडलंच तर, (नक्कीच पडेल)
मैथुनाचा आनंद घ्यायचाच असेल तर,
शिवाजी पार्कसारखं काहीतरी बूक करा.
जमा सगळ्यांनी एकत्र.
करा आपली गटारं मोकळी.
हातही मोकळे करा.
काढा आपली लिंगं बाहेर
एकमेकांची वेश्या होऊन
एकमेकांची साफ चिघळवून टाका

आपापली हिन-दीन 'संस़्कृती'
आपापसात धरुन खेचा.
दातांनी, नखांनी ओरबाडा.
कपडे फाडून यथेच्छ पिळा.
पालथी पाडा.
सगळे सोपस्कार करा.

सनातन संस्कृतींच्या अनौरस पिढ्यांनो,
मग उरली सुरली भेगाळलेली
हीच संस्कृती स्वतःला लागू करा.
बनवा नवी जातीव्यवस्था
होउ दे निमिषार्धात
पुन्हा शतकांनुशतकांची प्रक्रिया
स्तोत्रं,धर्म,तलवारी, बंडखोरीच्या
न जाणो कितीतरी लक्ष योनींतुन
जाउदेत तुमची लक्तरं.

जेव्हा शेवटाला तुम्हालाच
प्रत्येक शतकांत
प्रत्येक कोपर्‍यांत
जिथेतिथे स्वतःच सोडलेल्या विष्ठेचे संदर्भ लागतील,
तेव्हा कदाचित तुम्हाला
होतील आत्मिक साक्षात्कार!!
आपला सगळ्यांचा जन्म इथुन तिथुन नव्हे
तर प्रत्यक्ष ब्रम्हाच्या विष्ठेतुन झाल्याचे,
माणसाच्या दुरवर अथांग पसरलेल्या
भुकेच्या वाळवंटाचे,
त्याच्या तिळतिळ तुटणार्‍या आतड्याचे,
मुक्त उमलणार्‍या फुलणार्‍या जीवांच्या सुक्ताचे,
प्रेमाच्या प्रबळ आंतरीक उर्मीचे.

तेव्हाच तुमच्या बांधलेल्या जगातुन
मुक्त माणसांचे तांडे बाहेर पडतील
माणसांच्या दिशेने.