Friday, 13 June 2014

Madbeth : Mad as a march hare

I don't remember the actual reason for which I have booked ticket's for Madbeth. Never been to Physical theater act before, Haven't had a clue either! Maybe I went to the show just cause, Rupesh invited me. But now I am happy he did that.
              Madbeth is a mental mini orchestra of strangers which starts with an actor and audience and ends up without an audience at all!!! All credit goes to Rupesh.  From the moment one, Madbeth took command of the theater and extended his realm by making the audience to express to every death and every spit he could spare. He dances, he sings, he fights, and he kills, saying it's all about death after all! But I particularly liked his chair scene. I think it symbolizes the extent of the power which consumes macbeth, making him not to leave it at any cost given. It absorbs him, cripples him, but still, he allows himself to dance like a cripple!! Another thing I liked a lot is, how he responds to every sneeze, out of time suppressed giggle and comments by individual's in the audience and modify his act accordingly.
                But there is so much than that. So many small details that one could only experience by watching it live. People, keep an eye on him, 'how he dances with the death in an erratic ballet' #Mcdeath #Mcburger #Mcalootikki

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