Thursday, 29 August 2013

Lunatic asylum

Absurd and destructive edifices in our religion are doing nothing less but creating more and more illusion about our reality. Eventually, it's very much obvious that flexibility of a thought dies when it is calcified in belief. In the case of religion, the emotions are involved too, people commit crimes on themselves and other, under the epithet of 'Dil Ki Soch'! If you are alone in the country of such a big and irrational population, you don't exist. They drag you away, beat you, remove your eyes, ears, nose, lungs, kidneys, liver and all. They just let you keep your brain with you; your thoughts are not tasty, who is going to eat that?? So, eventually, you die in this shit hole with your books and pen, thinking and rearranging some new metaphors for poetry, for future.

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