Thursday, 1 November 2012

God & So.

behind the stairs,
dead's been lying
women getting wet
babies keep dying
junkies love screaming
pigs lonely sighing
i kept my gods
of fractured nourishment.

looking at them
with eyes of purple pain
nights of bizarre singing rain
accusing lost names
i lay my backs
on desired confusion

lets get smitten
on the doors of heaven
kneel down in celebration
through madness we're driven
and here you are busy
rhyming your crimes

fear the wars
fear the scars
fear the dungeons
fear the guillotine
fear the gods
fear the reason
fear the love

pale faces walking with rotting defiance.
slaughtered souls warming beds in act of silence.
cheering crowd scratching walls of asylums
but then,
a young naked man with autumn dew
he will keep a mirror in front of you
then cheer oh lord,
'Hail Mary...Hail Mary!!'
and decide quickly,'whose real? Him or You ?'

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