Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Surgical notes of a Madman (with or by JOSEPH K.)

Dear K,
are u awake in there?
deep inside your mind?
Spanish soldiers with sabres
have slender sliced your skin
in silky sane style.
let me open your wounds
and let me place my gods
and also my religion
and above all
let me place my love too.

flesh fondling them
with fresh filthy fingers
with fornicating fear,
fucking fallopian tubes
and we live!!
yes, we both, wide open.
with references of each other.

ludicrous laugh
for ludicrous life,
ludicrous life
for ludicrous laugh
since, lumps of leprous laws
made us there.
now,see love is lubricating
for lust, mate.
have you had calmness with
compelling chaotic culture?
or a bliss with your
idle genesis?
now don't you look back
our childhood was never an answer
it's always a question to our sanity.

dear K,
are u awake in there?
deep inside your mind?
have you had your orgasm mate?

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